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Fighting Fatigue Together


We join forces to improve
the well-being of health professionals

Why this campaign?
Fatigue is a risk for both healthcare professionals and patients.
Fatigue is affecting the well-being and safety of healthcare professionals with greater intensity and on a larger scale than ever before. But we are all likely to be affected because fatigue is also a risk to patient safety. 
Why now?
We need to act before it’s too late!
Over recent decades, working conditions have become increasingly difficult in health institutions across Europe. At some point, the limits of what is humanely reasonable to expect from healthcare professionals have been crossedThe Covid 19 pandemic has made things worse and shown that we cannot longer afford to ignore the well-being of healthcare staff. It is nothing less than the continuity of healthcare services that is at stake.
Hospital Working Day
Our goals?
Fatigue isn’t a part of the job.
We need to act now and do what we can to protect healthcare workers -and beyond them, patients - from the adverse effects of fatigue. Our priority is to raise awareness about fatigue and motivate healthcare workers across Europe to protect themselves from its effects. 
Beyond that, we want to contribute to the improvement of their working conditions and act on the factors that generate fatigue.
Who are we?
We are a network of healthcare organisations working on European, national and local levels brought together by the European Patient Safety Foundation, an independent foundation of public interest. We share a common concern for the well-being and safety of healthcare workers. 
We believe that high quality care for the patients starts with high quality care for the staff. 
Join the campaign!

Together we can make a difference.

Fatigue in health care is a challenge that has to be tackled across Europe.  Although there are national and regional differences in systems and cultures, all healthcare workers have the same physiology and need the same resources and support to manage fatigue.


Why not share energy, resources and skills?
We invite European and national organisations representing healthcare professionals, patients, academia, hospitals and industry to join us in fighting fatigue together.
Campaign sponsors
We have been fortunate to receive the support from pioneering sponsors who understood the importance of the issue of healthcare worker fatigue across Europe. They see the value of investing in what our campaign stands for - to ensure safety and well-being of both the healthcare staff and the patients. We cannot thank them enough for their trust.  
The journey is long and we need additional sponsors to give this campaign maximum impact. 
Support us to make a difference!
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