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Workshop on the implementation of a national campaign on Fatigue

With the aim of stimulating the launch of national fatigue campaigns across Europe, we welcomed four highly motivated teams to Vienna for a collaborative workshop. 


The full-day collaborative workshop was also aimed at gathering their support needs and feedback on a pre-designed European Fatigue Pack containing awareness and education material to be disseminated in healthcare facilities. 

We will stay connected and inform on the progress of their work in future. We also hope that their experience will be useful and inspiring for other national teams to launch Fighting Fatigue Together campaigns elsewhere in Europe.


The teams from Austria, Croatia, Georgia and Spain proudly present their action plans to raise awareness of fatigue-related risks among healthcare professionals in their countries.

The workshop was run by Dr. Nancy Redfern and Dr. Emma Plunket who have been leading a Fight Fatigue national campaign in UK for five years and by Mirka Cikkelova and Stéphane Boulanger from the EUPSF team leading the work of the European Fighting Fatigue Together campaign.  



Fighting Fatigue Together


Presentation of the European campaign and resources for a national campaign

UK experience

Presentation of the national Fight Fatigue campaign in UK and sharing lessons learned 

Building a national strategy

Development of a national strategy based on pre-developed tools and adapted to national needs and resources

From strategy to action

How to organise the work within the national teams: priorities, repartition of work, planning.

The workshop is supported by an unrestricted grant Medtronic and Edwards Lifesciences and by the European Health Leadership Award.

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