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Fatigue Ambassadors

To make the subject of fatigue more visible and discussed in society, in support of the campaign, we are developing a network of “Fatigue Ambassadors".

The Ambassadors are experts in fatigue and the risks associated with it, who can discuss subjects as the links between fatigue and attention deficit, fatigue and mental health, or give recommendations on fatigue prevention and its management.  Their awareness-raising tools can take different forms: conferences, webinars, blogs, etc.


Their role is to support the FFT campaign by providing expertise on fatigue and its management. They reinforce the work of organisations leading the campaign at European or national level. 


Let's talk about fatigue!


Dr. med.

Sebastian Kuss


Founder of HealthyDoctor
LinkedIn Top Voice

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As a systemic coach andconsultant, I help doctors to maintain their mental health. As an active doctor, I know the daily challenges in healthcare.

By effectively dealing with my own burnout and sleeping disorder in the past, I’m passionate to assist my peers in these matters. The topic became my passion. Therefore, I have further advanced my qualifications in the field of mental health.

I founded HealthyDoctor because the mental burden on doctors is alarmingly high and mental illnesses are very common. The negative consequences affect the doctors, the healthcare system and the care of the patients. HealthyDoctor offers professional support that is specifically tailored towards doctors, hospitals and practices.


By supporting the Fighting Fatigue Together campaign, I want to help raising awareness about the impact of fatigue on healthcare staff and patient safety as well as destigmatise the subject of 'mental health among doctors'. I am convinced, that we need mentally strong doctors in times of transformation.


Join the campaign

Together we can raise awareness of the risks of fatigue and its impact on health and performance, taking into account the specific context of each country and finding ways to make EVERYONE feel concerned.


Together we can to implement tools and recommendations on how to manage fatigue and improve the well-being and safety of healthcare staff.


Together we can strive to go even further and advocate for more humane working conditions, allowing caregivers time to rest, time to grow and time to provide safe care for their patients.


To join the ‘Fighting Fatigue Together’ campaign, choose one of the answers below, leave your contact details and we’ll get back to you with more information.


You can also support the campaign by sharing our content via email or social media and by donating.

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